Roller Blinds

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Roller Blinds: markilux double roller blind

Transparency: lucid.
Handling: easy.
Facets: rich.

On account of the different layers of fabric, the translucent double roller blind can be manually adapted to the room situation at any time. Light conditions can be easily, quickly and individually adapted.
markilux double roller blind
Roller Blinds: markilux e-double roller blind

Character: open.
Function: variable.
Reuslt: perfect.

When luxury meets perfection, this is called markilux e-double roller blind! Convenient: An electrical operation of the open roller blind is possible from any position in the room. This transforms translucent, transparent protection from view into fully fledged solar protection in an instant. You will hardly find anything more stylish and functional than this.
markilux e-double roller blind
Roller Blinds: markilux R-85

Format: generous.
Design: individual.
Adaption: perfect.

Very large and very convenient: The closed roller blind system markilux R-85 offers an even larger maximum width. The attractive cassette roller blind directly adjoins the wall and thus quite unobtrusively blends with any living space.
markilux R-85
Roller Blinds: markilux R-60

Format: small.
Design: delicate.
Handling: easy.

Small and delicate: The open roller blind system R-60 is particularly suited for narrow windows. Graceful and uncomplicated internal solar protection that convinces with its ease of operation and fits perfectly into any kind of room.
markilux R-60
Roller Blinds: markilux e-roller blind

Aesthetics: cordless.
Comfort: spotless.
Privacy: yes.

It may be operated via remote control (the spring-counterbalanced, extremely quiet motor with extra long life-battery makes handling smooth and easy) or manually. It can be fixed on wall or ceiling. 17...
markilux e-roller blind
Prices from
£456,00   (incl. VAT / excl. Installation)
markilux retailers do not offer a supply only service. Please note the costs do not include brackets, the cost of installation, additional control options, and transport charges depending on your location.

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