Design- Edition

The program "Textile Living" by markilux has grown. The colorful relax seats and cushions from the markilux comfort series with their prints and embroidery are now complemented by the markilux "Design - Edition". It not only covers the factual elegant series "Neo", but also thematic cushions like the winter edition. Whether subtle gray and anthracite tones or seasonal motifs, with the "Design - Edition" you can set appropriate accents and splashes of color.

Design-Edition: markilux neo

Design: elegant.
Use: versatile.
Accent: set.

Sit, lie and dive into soft pillows. This is possible with the new Design - Edition "neo" by markilux. The relaxing furniture and accessories are very trendy in objectively elegant gray and anthracite with...
markilux neo
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£ 44,00   (incl. VAT)

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