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The markilux collection comfort presents premium cushions and poufs featuring four design alternatives and several sizes. For a perfectly comfortable life outdoors – or indoors.

Cuddle intensity: high.
Look: inviting.
Effect: cheerful.

The markilux comfort basic collection consists of cushions in five diffent sizes and multiple colour combinations: all single-coloured or with contrasting piping. In any case: rugged, low in maintenance and...
markilux comfort basic
Prices from
£ 28,80   (incl. VAT)

Comfortable: always.
Fun: unlimited.
Motifs: multiple.

The markilux comfort abstract collection for inside area – and that feeling applies to just everyone: The cushions are truly comfortable – in all sizes or as pouf. Applications, abstract patterns,...
markilux comfort abstract
Prices from
£ 30,00   (incl. VAT)

Use: everywhere.
Look: varied.
Feel: relaxed.

The markilux comfort colour collection enhances any space: The cushions are available in five diffent sizes or as pouf for the ground – bicoloured, with eyelets loops, with or without embroideries. And just...
markilux comfort colour
Prices from
£ 31,20   (incl. VAT)

Occasion: perfect.
Relaxation: also.
Atmosphere: as well.

The markilux comfort season collection is the most comfortable messenger ever:The christmas cusshions, for instance. They bear christmassy motifs and are perfect companion at gatherings with friends at home...
markilux comfort season
Prices from
£ 33,00   (incl. VAT)

Creative: yes.
Cosmopolitan: yes.
Just comfortable: yes.

The markilux comfort architecture collection welcomes the world – at home: the embroidered or applicated motifs are featuring architecture. In different fabric qualities and five different formats the...
markilux comfort architecture
Prices from
£ 33,60   (incl. VAT)
Design-Edition: markilux neo

Design: elegant.
Use: versatile.
Accent: set.

Sit, lie and dive into soft pillows. This is possible with the new Design - Edition "neo" by markilux. The relaxing furniture and accessories are very trendy in objectively elegant gray and anthracite with...
markilux neo
Prices from
£ 44,00   (incl. VAT)
Textile seating furniture: markilux relax outdoor plus

Weather fast: yes.
Outside: always.
Comfortable: yes.

The markilux relax seat outdoor + prolongs the quality time outside: it is super comfortable and robust. And it may even stay on patio or balcony – even if it pours with rain.
The high quality expanded...
markilux relax outdoor plus
Prices from
£ 224,40   (incl. VAT)
Textile seating furniture: markilux relax outdoor

Light fast: sure.
Weather fast: yes.
Comfortable: always.

The perfect sitting comfort for patio or balcony: the markilux relax seat outdoor is at home outside. The high quality expanded polypropylene filling and the high bulk density ensure that there won´t be a “...
markilux relax outdoor
Prices from
£ 368,40   (incl. VAT)
Textile seating furniture: markilux relax indoor

Sit: everywhere.
Get up: why?
Design: great.

Colourful accent, reading chair or most favourite spot of the house – the markilux relax seat indoor is both visually and ergonomically extremely attractive. The high quality expanded polypropylene filling...
markilux relax indoor
Prices from
£ 421,20   (incl. VAT)

Design: abstract.
Comfort: concrete.
Weather: whatever.

The markilux relax seat outdoor print is pretty similar to the markilux relax seat outdoor, but some say it is even prettier: The high quality expanded polypropylene filling and the high bulk density ensure...
markilux relax outdoor print
Prices from
£ 483,60   (incl. VAT)

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